Do you have a migraine? Tension headache or migraine headache?

Many people deal with migraine frequently and connect it to tension or job that is hurting the neck and shoulder area. Frequently you can feel a clear link with tight muscles in the neck as well as a radiation from there to osteopat københavn  the head. Nevertheless, it is important to find out why the muscle neck is irritated. Find out more regarding it in the section concerning the neck.


The connection between neck problems as well as headaches is evident for those with tension migraines, but those with migraines can frequently be assisted. To stop and also alleviate the strength of migraine strikes, it is likewise essential to look at partnerships from other parts of the body to lower the pressure on the neck.

For both of the two significant migraine types, it can be efficient with craniosacral treatment, where you collaborate with the activity between the cranial blemishes.

Have you had whiplash? Have you had a neck bed?
What happens during a whiplash injury is that the entire neck is stretched and afterwards pressed. This impacts both joints, muscle mass, connective tissue, but also connective cells around the nervous system. These connective cells proceed all the way to the cortex.

Because this injury impacts the nervous system to such a level, it commonly creates many different symptoms. This can be migraine, wooziness, nausea or vomiting, stiffness/ pain in the body, a lot of in the neck.

Because the signs are often effective, and normally involve connective cells around the nervous system, it is typically also fierce to function straight with the neck, however instead to affect the location by working with other structures that relate to the location.